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07:58am 30/04/2004
mood: sad
Rest in Peace:

Hamilton Billingy

I'm proud to be your first granddaughter.

My grandfather passed away at 5:25 pm (6:25 my time) today.. I can't cry because I did when I found out what was going on with him.

Rest in Peace, Paa.
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08:38pm 03/02/2004
mood: amused..yet bored...

I'ma keep it nice and simple for you lj guys. I decided to um..make a new layout and crap. Hope you like the Felicia cuteness like the dj people do..

Now, back onto the other side I go...peace!
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07:14pm 16/12/2003
mood: cranky
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And a theviolingod in a olive tree.
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09:47pm 11/12/2003
mood: cold
08:27pm 31/10/2003
mood: creative
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10:54am 14/07/2003
mood: artistic
...look at mi site for DJ. ^^
All of what went on is in there.
::hugs all::
oooh..an update..   
06:30pm 15/03/2003
mood: bouncy
Well, well. Who ever thought I would be writing in here? I'm only here for the night...so I'll give a shout out to some peeps.. Thank you all for taking care of me.

I'm chilling at Stephie's house with Ant'..and we're bugging out. ..and thats about it.

Check out my deadjournal site.. Thats where the jumpoff is.

R.I.P. Mikey...   
11:05am 15/11/2002
mood: sad
...really sad news.. My friend was killed two days ago, and the Big Boss annouced it on the P.A.S. yesterday last period while I was speaking to Tommi. Thats when we all found out and now... I'm just wondering why he had to die. He gave me a dollar for lunch and I tried so hard to give it back to him. He wouldn't take it.. He just told me to keep it! >< Now, I'm gonna hafta keep the dollar.. He wasn't a bad kid at all!! What the fuck, yo'? He was a really good kid. Some older guys stabbed him during a store robbery. Mikey's friends were there, but it was so hard to believe. After that happened, Mikey's friends chased after the guys and lost them.

...Mikey, you were one of a kind, baby. You taught me how to be my best...even if I felt like shit. It took me awhile to believe that you left, hun. But, you'll always be here and I'll have that dollar.


..have a nice weekend...

Stephie- call me.
11:35am 14/11/2002
mood: amused
...Well, I added some more people that I know to my 'friends' list.

Thats really about it. School is going fine and I have yet to find out my grades. I know that all of them are in the high 80's or the like. And, gym is an 'E'. Eventhough.......I cut because those bastards wouldn't give me the time of day. Speaking of gym, I acttualy went there and checked it out. The students were playing volleyball. Sure, I love that game, however, the teacher said that I was going to be the goddamned scorekeeper for the mini-volleyball that they were having. What in the bloody hell did I get myself into? I got hit with the ball five times. I'm holding my walking cane, the scoreboard and the damned numbers that come with the thing. Then...to top that shit off.. One side of the court argued with me when I called their ball in.. Shit, its not my fault they can't hit the ball over the efffffff-ing net! Thats the last time that I'm keeping score for a bunch of losers. I'll be damned.

...I'm out.
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10:33am 13/11/2002
mood: mellow
..Good morning to you guys out there...

Today is the second day of the second quater and it just fucking sucks, yaaknow?! Well, anyway.. After classes yesterday, I called a friend. And guess who came up into the pic? Mr. I-Hate-You-Chanel. Wow, Harmatz. You are such a bitch and you know damn well I'm not afraid of your scum-bitch ass. ^^ Step up to the plate, ne? ::wink:: If you want a Billingy-ass whippin'.

I just hate people like him. First, we went out for like a month. Then, things started to go down hill... And...he knew that I have a lot of guy friends. Then, when I told him about a certain somebody and how I feel about this certain somebody, he gets completely jealous and overreacts to the fullest. AND then, the beeeyo-tch had the nerve to tell one of my girls all of this shit on how I 'cheated' on him. Bitch, shut the fuck up...

Let me stop.

Ya'll know how the Exotic Red-Headed Tomboy gets when shes pissed.

Anyway, I called Stephie and discussed events that happened this past week. All I have to say is that: I think Stephie should tell Harmatz that she got to sleep in my bed 3 times. ::big grin::

About Me

Name: Chanel Nicole Billingy
Birthday:Sept. 27th
Piercings:Two. One in each ear.
Tattoos: Getting one soon.
Height: ....4'11".
Shoe size: 6.
Hair color: ....Currently bright alburn.
Length: Short... very... short.
Jobs: ....a high school student.


Movie you rented: I don't remember.. It was a while ago.
movie you bought: ...dun remember that one.
Song you listened to: Time and Time Again.
Song that was stuck in your head: Alone I Break.
Song you've downloaded: ..I wish I could download things on the school computer.. ^^;
Cd you bought: Another CD from Bjork..
Cd you listened to: Bjork-Post.
Person you've called: Stephie.
Person that's called you: John..

You have a bf or gf: Not really. But, Stephie is considered my other half.
You wish you could live somewhere else: ...sometimes.
You think about suicide: ...I think I'm gonna hang for awhile.
You believe in online dating: ...Made that mistake TWICE!!!
Others find you attractive: Mostly girls..
You want more piercings: yah..
You want more tattoos: ....What..?
You smoke: No.
You drink: Yes. I drink madd slow and I tend to giggle a lot.
You like cleaning: No choice.
You like roller coasters: Hell no.
You write in cursive or print: I write in my own style.
You carry a donor card:..no.

For or Against
Long distance relationships: Fuck that.
Using someone: I'd rather not...
Suicide: ...Nope.
Killing people: ..No.
Teenage smoking:... Its their problem.
Doing drugs: Of course, I'm against drugs... but I can't stop everything.
Premarital sex: ::no comment..:::
Driving drunk: No fucking way.
Gay/lesbian relationships: ..yeah...and I'm bi.
Soap operas: I don't watch TV.


Food: Roti
Song: Points of Authority by Linkin Park
Thing to do: Play videogames.
Thing to talk about: Anything, really.
Sports: Volleyball.
Drinks: Pina Colada and Mudslide, virgin style.
Clothes: The kind that fit.
Movies: Enter the Dragon
Band: Its all about LP.
Singer: Gackt....?
Holiday: I don't really have one.
Cars: Tommi Le's ^^
Rp Character: Pullum Puruna
Animal: Cat.

Have You...

Ever cried over a girl or guy: .....not really. All of them were imature, except one, which I will not mention.
Ever lied to someone: Not all of the time. When it seems right to do so.
Ever been in a fist fight: When I was younger.
Ever been arrested: ..........no.


Shampoo do you use: ...V O 5.
Perfume do you use: I don't use perfume, or cologne. I wear body spray.
Shoes do you wear: Any that I can find in my size.
Are you scared of: ...being alone...being rejected..


Of times I have had my heart broken?: 4
Of hearts I have broken?: ..one..
Of times I have been in love: 6 times.
Of boys I have kissed?: ::counts on fingers:: .....3...?
Of girls I have kissed?:LMAO! Suprisingly.......NONE!
Of continents I have lived in?: One.
Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?:...One. Thats Stephie.
Of people I consider my enemies?: I'm certain I have at least 3.
Of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?: I talk with no one anyway.
Of cd's that I own?: 10~30
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 3
Of scars on my body?: 7.. all are from my operations that I had as a child.
Of things in my past that I regret?: ....2...
...The First Entry....   
11:39am 12/11/2002
mood: awake
.......alright... Lets get things underway now..

I moved to LJ to keep in contact with my buddies. And..now that I have this, I will try and keep updates on my boring life. So...lets start with this..:

1. 8 Mile was the shit.

2. Stephie came over to chill with me during the mini vacation.

3. Nothing else really happened.

See...? Boring.

Well, period is over. Ja..

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